de ce que j'écrit.

i wanted to write a book so....
je voulais écrire un livre donc...

          here is a passage of the book i want to write, i want your opinions, share and comment :)
          voila un passe du livre que je veut écrire, j'aurai besoin de vos avis, partager et commenter :)

On  savourait une de ces soirées par téléphone, dans notre monde confident, qu'aussi tôt on fermé nos yeux dans obscurité nuiteuse on s'y trouvée, réuni, au sein de notre intime sphère noire mais plein de couleurs.
parlant de tout et de rien, de nos désires, de nos rêves d'enfant, et de nos fantasme d'adulte, construisant nos projets d’avenir, discutant de nos plans pour le reste de nos vies, c’était plutôt LE PLAN pour NOTRE VIE.
comme  pour plusieurs fois, j'y mets des heures a narrer, prononcer tous les mots qui me traverse l'esprit en ayant qu'elle, ma bien aimée pour source et bute d’inspiration, mon seul sujet, l'unique idée qui parcoure en moi, je lui raconte, en essayant de …

the story about marrakech

hey.  i wanted to start a blog, to talk about and share the things i do, the things i experienced, and i decided to begin that with the story of the trip me and 5 of my friends did in Marrakesh, Morocco.
it will help everyone who reads this to know better this wonderful city, i certainly hope it could create the need to visit this beautiful place in each traveler, and i could share what happened, share my story .
hope you like it .

the first trip .chapter 01
we had made some money me, Oussama, and Imad, and we had a weekend off, we wanted to travel, to go somewhere together, as 3 young friends, living their youth.  although we are Algerians, so morocco was only one hour flight away, and required no visa approving,  we was not so into it, for us, Morocco was that poor country on the east, they had nothing, but poverty, weed, and Tajine ( traditional meal ) . but , and fortunately but, Imad was Moroccan, and he has been there, and he loved it, he suggested for us to go there, and with …

Mohamed 5 road.

Marrakesh pictures 102.

one of my favorite photos, you can see the gigantic cloud on the end of the road, you notice the alignment of palms making you remember that it is a city in the desert. and the palace of culture on the left !

on the way to Jamaa Lfna.

Marrakesh pictures 101

me and two friends of mine, just left everything behind and went seeking for adventures, as i first picture published in my blog, i'll have this garden one, one the large green way to jamaa lfna, we find this space here, where muslim old women and young england tourists meet up in a very traditional and very evolved city.
the city we moved in , for the moment !